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Customer Testimonials

  • I just wanted to say I had a great experience on April 22nd. I had a pick up at 3:45am at my Studio City, CA home en route to LAX and driver #505 was fantastic, nice, on time and a great guy! Thank you!
      -Tina P.
  • Thank you Prime Time!!! I LOVE your service and you have the nicest, friendliest drivers!
      -Colleen G.
      -James M.

Customer Reviews

  • Five stars for Bobby taking the time to listen to my tale of woe on the phone, then offering a voucher for my next trip. Next time I fly I will use them and let you'uns know how things have improved. Hopefully with new staff that actually cares it will be better...stay tuned!
      -Elizabeth C.
  • Due to prior bad experiences with Super Shuttle, I tried them for a ride back from LAX. The curb agent was extremely nice and helpful. I only had to wait a couple of minutes for a van. The driver actually had a GPS so that I didn't have to direct him to my home. Price was the same for good service as I used to pay Super Shuttle for lousy service.
      -Kathy W.
  • After reading some reviews I was pretty worried about my shuttle ride. However, I was picked up after only waiting a few minutes. The shuttle did make two rounds of the airport, but there is a sticker on the windshield that says it will. I was the third person dropped off and the ride was about an hour, just as predicted.
      -Michael S.
  • My shuttle arrived 10 minutes early last week which was fine though it was just after 4 a.m. so I was a tad grumpy. We picked up another passenger, arriving 20 minutes early and they insisted on not coming out until their pick up time. We still got to the airport on time. The driver was very friendly, even offering me gum. I'll probably use them again as I discovered taking a cab from LAX to Hollywood was almost $100!! Yikes!
      -Shauna D.

Customer Concerns

  • I was the first person picked up at the airport, but the last dropped off.

    Customers are dropped off in order beginning with the nearest, and ending with the furthest from the airport. This is to provide the most direct ride home for all customers.
  • I had to wait almost 20 minutes at the airport before the shuttle I reserved showed up to pick me up.

    Prime Time Shuttle would love to have a shuttle waiting for you as soon as you arrived at the curb, however due to current security restrictions the airport does not allow shuttles parked at the curb. As soon as you arrive at the curb, let the Prime Time attendant know that you are ready to be picked up and they will get a van coming as soon as possible. Especially at LAX the time it takes for the shuttle to arrive at your terminal can vary depending on traffic.
  • After I got on the shuttle the driver went around the airport several times before leaving.

    Prime Time Shuttle is primarily a shared ride service, this means that the goal is to have multiple passengers aboard. One of the ways this is made possible, is by the driver making 2 loops (but no more) around the airport in order to pick up passengers heading in the same direction you are. If you want direct service you can book a private van or book a ride with our partner GoSedan. Shared ride isn't always the quickest way home, but it is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to or from the airport.

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