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Hacks on Travelling Light

Posted on November 1, 2018
Everyone wants to pack light. Some travelers are successful, others can’t help but bring everything and the kitchen sink. Packing involves deeply personal decisions. Each one of us has their own ideas of comfort and style. But by following a few simple field-tested ways of travelling small, you can shed size and weight. It might not always save your trip, but it will save your spine and your sanity.

Travelling light gives you extra freedom and flexibility that you just don’t have with heavy luggage. You can move quickly through airports and train stations and it’s so much easier to take ridesharing with a small bag. You’ll save money by not having to check your bags in on a plane and you can keep your luggage. The best packing tip is to pack a daypack inside your full size bag. This way, at the airport, you can take the second bag out, and have two bags small enough to carry them both on. Now, you never lose your bag, and don’t pay baggage handling fees.

Packing small is essential to any traveller and here are some of the tips for packing:

1. Use a small, lightweight case

Use a small suitcase or backpack so you can’t possibly fit too much in it. Don’t be tempted to get a case that’s slightly too big because you will fill that space with unnecessary crap.

2. Pack Maximum of 2 Pairs of Shoes

Shoes can often be the biggest items in our bags so don’t travel with more than 2 pairs. Wear your bigger pair on the plane and an easy to carry pair in your bag.

3. Be a Minimalist when carrying toiletries

If you’re staying in a hotel you can guarantee you’ll be provided with shampoo and shower gel so leave these at home. This means that most guys can get away with nothing more than a travel sized deodorant and toothpaste.

4. Wash your clothes while you’re away

No matter where in the world you’re travelling, it doesn’t need to be expensive to get your clothes washed. You don’t have to carry alot of clothes since you can always wash it. Look for laundrettes or other cheaper way to wash your clothes.

5. Roll your clothes instead of folding them and Folding Clothes Together

It minimizes wrinkles and maximizes space. For a few other recommended methods. Take two or more garments, for example trousers, and lay half of one pair on top of the other. Fold the one on the bottom over the pair on the top. Then take the other and fold it on the top. This gives each pair some cushion where you’ve folded it so it’s less likely to crease or wrinkle in the folds.

6. Use The Power of a Smartphone

A variety of apps can replace your weighty travel paraphernalia. Instead of carrying travel book guides, maps etc, use your phone instead and it’s the best way to find a ride where you can ride comfortably and securely that will lead you to your trip. Just like Prime Time Shuttle, you can always download the app and book your ride!