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On Time Guarantee

For transportation from your home, office or hotel to the airport, Prime Time Shuttle will pick you up on time or you ride free. This guarantee applies only to pickups from your home, office or hotel. This guarantee does not apply to pickups at the airport, downtown train/bus terminals, cruise ship piers and schools.

"On Time" includes a 15 minute grace period that we allow for unexpected traffic and safety. We also ask that you be ready for a pick up 15 minutes prior to your reservation. This 30 minute window is necessary to accommodate the delays which may arise from picking up passengers from multiple locations.

This guarantee may be suspended, in the interest of safety, during certain weather conditions and other situations where safety may be compromised.

Your safety is our number one priority.

When selecting your pickup time, please plan for the rare occasion that your van may need to pick you up 15 minutes earlier or later in order to ensure all passengers arrive on-time.

If this happens, a dispatch agent will give you a call to let you know about the adjusted reservation time. Customers are responsible for providing a phone number they can be reached at.

Your reservation must be booked no later than 6:00 PM, Pacific Time, the night before the service in order to qualify for our on-time guarantee. However, we always guarantee that you will make your flight.

**Special note for holiday travelers: Due to increased traffic during the holidays, our on-time guarantee is not in effect during the following periods:
Five (5) days before or after Thanksgiving.
Fifteen (15) days before Christmas and five (5) days after.
Five (5) days before or after New Years Eve.
Five (5) days before or after Memorial Day.
Five (5) days before or after the 4th of July.
However, we always guarantee you will make your flight.

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