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Prime Time Shuttle

Providing quality airport ground transportation service in Southern California since 1984

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Before there was Uber and Lyft, Prime Time Shuttle pioneered the ride-share transportation service in the greater Los Angeles area starting back in 1984. Prime Time Shuttle pioneered the shared-ride airport ground transportation concept with the opening of its Los Angeles, California operation. Since 1984 Prime Shuttle has serviced more than 21 million passengers. PRIME TIME SHUTTLE is licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission: First Class Transportation Svc operates under the authority of the California Public Utilities Commission: PSC 16462

"As a pioneer and leader in the airport transportation niche, we have developed critical expertise in serving passengers and providing value in multiple passenger share-ride."

Formula to Success

PRIME TIME SHUTTLE as a leader in the newly emerging ride-share industry, PRIME TIME SHUTTLE set the standard, as far as innovation and quality as more and more people discovered this new method to get to and from the airport. In those early years of rideshare, most ride-share shuttle companies focused their attention on the transfer of out-of-town visitors to their hotels, usually in the downtown area. They avoided picking up passengers from their homes because it was more a complicated form of the business. It was a lot harder to assure that every person would get to their flight on time when they were not being picked up on the "reliable hotel route."

On Time Service

Today, in addition to continuing to set the highest quality standards, PRIME TIME SHUTTLE remains the only shuttle service in Southern California to offer an On Time Guarantee. We’re on time or your ride is free!

Safe and Efficient Route

There is rideshare and then there is good ride-share. It’s easy to say that you provide rideshare service, but without the state-of-the-art rideshare software, which Prime Time has developed over the years, rideshare can become a nightmare experience.

Professional Drivers

All of PRIME TIME SHUTTLE’S drivers are caring professionals that understand that your comfort and safety is their number one priority.

Immaculate Van

It’s this attention to detail that sets us apart from the other companies who often place cutting corners ahead of your comfort.

Driver Screening and Training

  • We perform thorough background checks on all drivers, including inquiries on their criminal background and their driving history.
  • We also offer thorough training to drivers, covering everything from safety procedures to defensive driving techniques to customer service skills.
  • We also know the importance of regularly updating our drivers on safety laws and best practices they should follow.

Maintenance of vehicles

  • We make sure that vehicles are in good condition and for this we maintain a strict schedule for vehicle maintenance and inspections.
  • We also make sure that all vehicles meet safety standards and have the latest safety features.
  • We also conduct routine checks for tire pressure, brakes, lights, and other critical components.



PRIME TIME SHUTTLE launch in the summer of 1984 in order to provide services to all the incoming visitor to the 1984 Summer Olympic visitors hosted in Los Angeles


PRIME TIME SHUTTLE developed a proprietary dispatching software called RideShare Pro which optimize routes and grouped people efficiently.


Rattan Joea purchases Prime Time Shuttle and begins to transform it into one of the largest rideshare transportation companies in the United States.

PRIME TIME SHUTTLE becomes one of three office ground transportation concessionaries with Los Angeles World Airports and remain one of two to date.


Prime Time Shuttle becomes a founding member of Go Airport Shuttle Network which has grown to provide service to 66 airports in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.


Rattan Joea launches GoSedan added new choices in vehicles for customers to choose from luxury sedans, limos and SUV services.


PRIME TIME SHUTTLE partners with Roush Performance to develop a propane powered shuttle van to address environmental pollution concern in the Los Angeles Basin.


Rattan Joea launches Shuttle2LAX which provides flat rates to LAX airport serving 250,000 passenger in the first year alone.


Rattan Joea launch Opoli Technology, Inc. a next generation transportation service app that provide ASAP and future reservations.


PRIME TIME SHUTTLE team launches Prime Time 2.0 as the Prime Time Experience, becoming first come to do real app based share-ride.