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PRIME TIME is very thrilled to bring you our new and improved mobile app that will definitely change the way you travel!

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Prime Time Shuttle App

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With our state of the art Opoli Technology, we’ve crafted the FIRST REAL and SEAMLESS RIDE-SHARING transportation service designed to fit everyone’s lifestyle for a cheaper cost that gives you:

Aside from the current airport and point to point services that it currently offers, it now gives a more affordable and a more convenient option when traveling long distances in Southern California.

Prime Time Shuttle App on Smart Phone

With Prime Time Rideshare

  • Improved User Experience
  • Safe, Secured and Comfortable Vehicles
  • Professional, Trustworthy and Licensed Drivers
  • Hassle-Free and More Affordable Door to Door Service
  • Manageable Reservations
  • Secured Payment Details
Prime Time Shuttle App on Smart Phone

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