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5 Christmas Movies for Kids

Posted on January 4, 2019
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5 Christmas Movies to Watch with Your Kids

In long hours of travel to your chosen holiday destinations, it helps if you think of ways to entertain your kids, so they won’t throw tantrums halfway into your journey. A failsafe way you can do is to let them watch Christmas movies. Prime Time Shuttle compiled five Christmas Movies your children could watch. Did your favorite movie made it to the list? Read on to find out.

Prime Time Shuttles Top 5 Christmas Movies

1.The Santa Clause

Tim Allen makes the perfect Santa, or at least that’s what happened when he became one. A single dad trying to hold on to his son’s innocence for a little while, the movie appeals to your emotion, not just in believing that Santa is real, but also to remember that your parents wanted you to enjoy the Holidays as much as they did when they were young. Were you guilty of playing Santa to your kids, in the guise of delivering their gifts?

2. The Nightmare before Christmas

While we’re not entirely sure whether this fits as a Halloween or a Christmas movie, you can learn to appreciate Tim Burton’s aesthetic as the journey of Pumpkin King Jack Skellington in discovering Christmas unfolds. What’s a plus in this movie is that not only children who will enjoy, your teens might get interested, too! How’s that for a family bonding?

3. The Polar Express

As a kid, have you ever wondered, what’s it like in the North Pole? Is Santa busy throughout the year checking who’s naughty or nice? In this animated film by Tom Hanks, a young boy rides a magical train. Let your kids discover the true meaning of Christmas in this lovely story.

4. Frozen

While this Disney movie did not mention even a wisp of Christmas, it has been a go-to movie for kids these days. Set in a winter wonderland called Arendelle; the heartwarming movie lets its audience realize that in times of help, the love of family will always be there, no matter the circumstances.

5. Home Alone

Now this may seem unfamiliar to kids these days, but admit it, Home Alone has been a part of your childhood Christmas movie to watch! Do you still recall the McCallisters, a typical family, which bonds at Christmas by jetting off to places in time for holidays? However, on the day of their flight, the whole family overslept, and thus, they scrambled to get ready. They arrive in the airport just in time, thanks to their trusty airport shuttle. In the chaos, little did they know, they left their son Kevin behind! Now if you were a little boy left behind by your parents, would you go on an adventure as Kevin did? I bet your 10-year old self would agree, but as a parent, I think you’d have doubts. Bond and explain the context of the movie, as you watch it together this time.

Enjoy Christmas movies When You Book Prime Time Shuttle

Just like any activity, it pays to guide your children as they watch these Christmas movies. Not only will you bond over the lessons of each movie, you get to explain concepts they may not understand. You could only make it possible, if you’re attention is not on the road. To not compromise safety and family bonding, book Prime Time Shuttle as your chosen shuttle service ride! Let us make your journey memorable, minus the hassle of driving. Book a ride, today!