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Christmas: Your Time to Strengthen Family Ties

Posted on December 13, 2018
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Christmas: Strengthening Your Family Ties

What’s one activity you indulge with the family during the holidays? If you haven‘t figured yet, Prime Time Shuttle shares tips on how you could celebrate this season, family-friendly style. Hop on in one of our rides; let’s begin our journey.

Family-friendly Christmas Events to Indulge When You Book a Ride in California

Aside from Thanksgiving, Christmas is an event where the family can spend time together. Although California doesn’t have the snow that others associate with Christmas, there are plenty of activities to make you enjoy the holiday spirit, but, become your opportunity in strengthening your bond with the whole family. Check out the following events you could indulge. Don’t worry. There’s something for everybody.

1. Hollywood Christmas Parade

Target: Whole Family

A traditional American event always starts with a welcoming parade. Join one nearest your schedule, so you can also jumpstart the holiday feels within the family. Try something new this year, instead! Assign a Christmas task for every family member. Who will take out the tree? Is mom in charge of the Christmas design? Will dad cook Christmas dinner?

On Christmas Day, gather around the tree, share gifts, and sing a Christmas carol or two. This way, everybody contributes in making this day memorable.

2. Grinchmas at Universal Studios

Target: Your Teenage Kids

Don’t let your teenage kids think Christmas is only for small children. Capture their holiday spirit when you book a ride with Prime Time Shuttle and head to Universal Studios! Witness Dr. Seuss-inspired set-up in the theme park, as you explore many rides. Beware, though. Look out when the Grinch will appear.

3. A Christmas Carol Production

Target: Kids

It’s time to introduce this favorite classic to your kids. For greater impact, let the story unfold to them, live! This way, kids will enjoy the play, and yet parents (including you!) may enjoy the theatrics of the play. Since it’s another Christmas tradition, expect heavy turnout for each showing. Save yourself from the hassle, book a family-friendly shuttle service instead. You need not worry about parking.

4. Christmas Boat Parades

Target: Parents/Adults

Surprise, adults get a night out, too! You must try the Christmas Boat Parades. If you tell your teenage kids that Christmas isn’t only for the children, then you must believe it yourself, as well. Schedule a night with your partner or with the adults. This way, not only will you have a rare Christmas treat, you may enjoy a calm night with the varied sparkles decorating the boat.

5. Los Angeles Zoo Lights

Target: Whole Family

Cap-off your holidays with another family gathering, but this time, as you witness the lights displayed on Los Angeles Zoo. Most of the animals may be asleep, but plenty of light fixings scatter the area. Capture a family photo with Santa so you could always remember a special moment you shared with the family.

Christmas Day Tip on Strengthening Family Ties:

Book a Ride with Prime Time Shuttle

Do you want to know a secret to an awesome and happier family life? Once you schedule family time, you should exploit every moment. Not everyone can spend Christmas time with family, so if you are fortunate enough, then enjoy it at all costs. Relish each minute when you don’t think of parking stresses. Prime Time Shuttle can help you. Book a ride today!*  

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