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Prime Commute

A new innovative approach to commuting

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Mission: to reduce cost, stress, carbon footprint and congestions

Social Commuter

Our goal is to revolutionize your commute by seamlessly matching you with co-workers and friends who share your route, your schedule. Your drive will be faster, cheaper and a lot more fun. Finding a great carpool partner can be complicated. PRIME TIME SOCIAL COMMUTE takes care of all that with our matching algorithm. So, all you have to do is say where and when, and show up for the ride.

Chauffeur Vanpool

Prime time Chauffeur Vanpool is designed to pick you up directly from your home with those four riders and be drive to your place of employment in a hybrid or electric vehicle for the same cost as typical vanpools. Typically, vanpool is a group of five or more riders who determine a convenient start date, meeting time and number of pick-up points along the way. The group typically will lease a vehicle for a rental car company and share in cost and driving responsibilities.

Urban Direct

We want to provide Angelinos the most valuable commuting experience. PRIME TIME URBAN DIRECT is designed for people who commute daily from parts of the city to key business districts such as: Westwood, Century City, El Segundo, Torrance and DTLA. Starting Spring 2017 we will crowdsource routes throughout Los Angeles, providing Angelinos an additional commuting options from specific designation to work.

Train Commuter

First and Last Mile Service w/ Metrolink

Skip the Hassle of Parking with a with PRIME COMMUTE MILE which takes you door to door, you'll never have to pay for a spot or miss your train hunting for parking again.

Guaranteed Ride Home

We understand that schedules may change from time to time. Whether it's an emergency or a looming project deadline, with the PRIME COMMUTE HOME, it's not your heels you tap, it our app! A there’s no place like home. One of our vehicles will be there to take you back to your station of origin or directly home. We leave no commuter left behind.

2017 in Los Angeles

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