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Prime Time is half the cost of a taxi service

Posted on June 20, 2010

In a state like New York taking a taxi is an everyday occurrence and a great way to get around town. However, in California the Taxi industry does not have a great reputation for customer service. Taking a taxi in Southern California can be like taking a crap shoot in Vegas. You don’t know what you are going to get. Is the driver going to be courteous? Is the cab going to be clean? Is the fare going to be fair? Am I going to get to my location timely, or am I going to take a tour of the city while the meter keeps rising?

Taking a taxi in Southern California just isn’t worth it. PRIME TIME Shuttle is your smart alternative to a taxi. Our drivers are always professional and courteous providing the best customer service in the industry. Our drivers pride themselves in having immaculate vans, you will find our vans in the same condition as you would expect in a limousine. Unlike a taxi, our drivers will never give you the run around in an attempt to raise the fare. The fare is set when you book and it is usually less than half the cost of a taxi. Our drivers will also take the safest and most efficient route possible. Don’t worry about getting picked up late either, a taxi driver gets his fare no matter what time he gets there. Our company has an unprecedented on time guarantee. We are on time or you don’t pay.

When it comes down to it, there is no reason to take a taxi in Southern California when you can take a PRIME TIME Shuttle. Next time you are thinking of taking a taxi, stop and book a ride with PRIME TIME Shuttle.

Shared Ride

A Shared Van is the most economical way to travel to and from the airport. Often half the cost of a taxi, and always a more professional and pleasant experience. Our computer assisted dispatch assures you that those riding with you are traveling to the same part of the city. You will always receive a safe and efficient route to insure a pleasant trip.

Private Van

A Private Van is often the best choice with a group of people. You have the van for your exclusive use, meaning direct service with no other passengers except for those in your party. Lugging extra boxes, a trade show display and lots of equipment? Perhaps a couple of surf boards? A Private Van is for you. Offered to all destinations, when available.