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The All New Prime Time Shuttle Website

Posted on January 26, 2017
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For years we have been in the business as an Airport Shuttle to and from the Airport around California. We have started the trend of Shared Ride in the Market and now have become the Go-To transportation to get where you need to be in an affordable premium.

As the New Year is here, we would like to present to you the all new Prime Time Shuttle website.


The New Prime Time Shuttle site is now better than ever, we have features that not only give you a better user interface, but a better experience as well. From a new website design to a newly integrated chat service, all is improved to provide you with the best experience possible to make your reservations as seamless as it can get.

We can categorize all these new features to five (5):

New and Improved Design

We have completely transformed Prime Time Shuttle to make it Simpler, Sleeker, and even more user friendly. It is simpler, to make booking feel natural and lets our system do the work. It is sleeker, as each transition from page to page, booking to booking, will be as smooth as it can be. You will also be able to easily navigate through the website with ease.

Enhanced Booking Engine

We have improved our Booking Engine to provide you with better experience whenever you make a reservation. You will see the nearest vehicles on your location in real time as our system locates the closest vehicle specific to your needs. We are now able to accept International Credit Cards in your transactions. Those who came from different countries will now be able to make a reservation whenever they come in to the US for Business trips or for vacations. Getting a Price Quote have also improved as we have redesigned the platform making it faster, and easier to make your booking experience as satisfying as possible.

Track your Vehicle

Because of the constantly changing world we have, technology becomes more advanced throughout the years. It has made our lives more comfortable dealing with everyday problems and tasks with ease. We have taken advantage of this and integrated a new system wherein we will be able to get more information you need to keep you informed of the vehicle that is assigned to you. You will be able to know more about the driver that is picking you up by simply checking out the Driver Details option. Added to this, we made use of the most updated GPS software into our vehicles for you to track the movements of the vehicle assigned to you. These would make you safe and informed in all of your reservations with Prime Time Shuttle.

Works on Any Device

As the Technology gets more advanced, the usage of desktop computers or laptops in browsing have been less and less. People have now been accustomed to Smartphones and Tablets in their everyday lives. The good news is, our website is now configured for you to get the most out of the content in any screen size there is. From smaller screens like Smartphones or as big as a Tablet, it adapts to whatever browser you are using. This would give the best experience possible for you to cycle through our website and make that reservation you need.

Easier and Faster Communication

Converse with one of our representatives in real time to know more about our services, promotions for the day, or even if you would just like to ask a few questions. Gone are the days that you will send an email and wait for a reply within the day. All you have to do is type in your message in our chat window and our Customer Service Representatives will be able to assist you as you chat.

Once again, here is the new Prime Time Shuttle website. We have Adapted, we have Changed, we have Improved! Make your transportation easier with Prime Time Shuttle.