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5 Romantic Getaway for Nature Lovers in South California

Posted on January 30, 2019
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5 Romantic Couple Getaways in South California (Nature Lover Edition!)

Do you celebrate Valentines’ Day? Are you looking for ways to enjoy the occasion other than the usual dinner date? You’ve come to the right place! Prime Time Shuttle has compiled a list of alternate romantic getaways and activities you can do to celebrate this special day with your loved one. Not only will you just travel to these road trip-worthy places, but you’ll also spend quality time with your partner. Ready to know what they are? Read on!

Five Romantic Getaways for Nature Lovers

If you love nature and appreciate her beauty, then you’ll look forward to visit these places. Before grabbing your phone to book a Prime Time Shuttle trip to one of these places, it pays to check which of these best fit not only your taste but also your partner, too!

1. The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

Our first road trip journey is located at San Marino, California. Tourists flock the place year round. That’s why you could pick from the number of activities available to entertain you. You could take leisure walks among the flowers and plants at the botanical gardens, explore different titles in the library, and even tour the mansion with the art inside. If you appreciate beauty, both in art and nature, spend a full day at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens!

2. Paradise Falls

Next on our list is the Paradise Falls. If your idea of nature is to seek a hidden gem in the middle of the trees, then you should try visiting Paradise Falls! Imagine the gentle spray of water in your skin as you gaze on the flow of water from the heights of the waterfalls. A word of advice, though. Just as gems undergo challenges for it to gleam; you must hike a trail for you to witness the beauty of Paradise Falls, which is part of the charm of this place. Don’t worry; TripAdvisor reviewers relate that it’s a moderate trail, so you must take what you need to prepare for the rewarding romantic getaway.

3. Corriganville Movie Ranch

Third, is a nod to the past particularly in the 50s to the 60s. If you’d mention the name Corriganville to the locals of Simi Valley, they’ll tell you that the ranch used to be the hub of people from the entertainment industry when they shoot western-inspired material. Aside from that, you could also indulge in a simple hike in the area. If you and your partner were movie buffs, then wouldn’t it be a fun romantic getaway to visit the venue?

4. Whitewater Preserve

Second to the last on our list is not an ordinary tourist spot. Do you want to enjoy the desert landscape unique to California? Indulge in the wonders of Whitewater Preserve. Not only will you get to witness amazing spots, but you could also look out for the elusive big horn sheep. Overall, if you want to experience quality time with your partner, then Whitewater Preserve is your spot. Go ahead and take a photo!

5. San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

Finally, if you aim to have an unforgettable romantic getaway this 2019, why don’t you witness the sunrise at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary? Because only few people flock this place, you could take advantage of the quiet, as you mingle with the different kinds of birds found in the spot. You may spin it to a healthy habit, walking amongst the birds during sunrise, or at sunset, just as the birds go back from their day stroll. No matter what time of the day you’d come, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary would welcome you within their visiting times. How’s that for a unique romantic getaway?

We hope you got ideas on where to spend the upcoming Valentines’ Day with these tips. Don’t want the hassle of driving? Book a Prime Time Shuttle trip to take you to your favored romantic getaway destination! Who knows what memories you will make when you visit them?

Source: Tripadvisor.com