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Tips on Travelling with Kids

Posted on November 9, 2017
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Travelling with kids need not to be stressful though it might involve alot of planning and forecasting but it could be easier with some guides that we will provide. Travelling with them can create a lot of precious memories and great experiences in their childhood. This can be your best experience in life too! One secret to a better and smooth trip is to really look at the kids’ needs when travelling. You have to find the right time for everything. Balance and organize their activities and don’t forget the time to rest. When they start to get tired or when they got nothing to do, they tend to be cranky and too curious with things that will lead them to do stuff that are unplanned and would end up a mess. Travelling solo, travelling with a partner and travelling with co travellers are somehow different when travelling with kids. It’s more of a mix of everything. There are things that are effective and applicable when travelling alone and travelling with your partner that can be applied when travelling with kids. There are alot of tips on travelling with kids, actually and endless list but we have compiled some of the useful tips that you can use.

1. Take it slow and take time

You might be used to rushing off the airplane and through the airport, making use of all those secret shortcuts, but those days are over. Sit back, let everyone rush around you, and just go with the flow. You’re not in charge anymore – enjoy it.

2. Bring new toys and new books

Something that they have never seen before will hold the attention far more than something that has been played with dozens of times already. The key to this, is to not bring them out to soon. We wait until the meltdown begins and then bring out the big guns. If you bring out the secret weapon too soon, then you have no recourse.

3. Be Flexible when traveling with kids

Avoiding holiday periods when traveling with kids and traveling off-season can yield big savings on flights and accommodation. Even if your kids are in school, consider traveling just outside of major school holiday periods. Give yourself the best chance to capture a cheap flight. Leaving a few days or even weeks before or after your ideal date could mean the difference of hundreds of dollars.

4. Bring one carry on, and only one carry on.

You no longer need a book to read, you no longer need your own snacks. You can no longer use your carry on in place of checking luggage. Once you have filled a bag with the essentials for a long flight, you won’t have the strength to carry anything else, and you will appreciate only having one bag to keep track of in a busy airport.

5. One parent in charge.

Don’t share the burden of any one duty while traveling. Packing for example. One person packs and knows where everything is. Two people pack and no one really knows where anything is. Same with hotels. One person plans them, arranges them, and books them. Do you have that confirmation email or do I? Na-Uh!

6. Book your Rides Early

Having kids can cause you alot of time. Make sure you book your ride early. You can book a private car just for your family instead of a rideshare and look for the most affordable one.  Book early especially watch out for promos and discounts.